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Welcome to the world of NANOTECHNOLOGY

The way to the future.

Something about us
and nanotechnology

Welcome Nanoplm. Our goal is to offer comprehensive solutions and consultancy in the field of nanotechnologies and it’s usage for variety of applications. Our market presence dates back to 2012. Since that time we have gained a lot of experience and improved the process to great satisfaction of our customers. We are a company that specializes in the protection of a variety of surfaces with polymer nanotechnology applications regarding mineral surfaces, absorbent or non-absorbent materials, etc. Additionally, we specialize in removing persistent dirt, whether it's grease, oil, chemical stains, graffiti, or sedimentary water and rust stains. The last branch of our business is an anti-slip application that does not require any construction interventions and is immediately effective after the neutralization.
Our priorities are professionalism, fast and precise communication, accurate realization and unrivaled prices.

We work with products under the trademark POLYMEMBRAN.

For the best result we design our product and it’s application specificaly for the surface to which it is applied. To date we have nearly 100 different variations for large scale of surfaces. Those are health-conscious, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

The suitability of our applications has been confirmed by several independent studies.

  • How does it work?
    The nano-protected surface covers an ultra-thin separating layer that repels water, dirt, oil and other liquids for a long time, but still reamining breathable. Imagine this is a layer of one thousandth the thickness of a human hair. Water, dirt, algae, moss, etc. do not penetrate into deeper material structures, thereby significantly reducing costs and labor during subsequent maintenance, and increasing the serviceable life of the surface significantly.
  • What we offer?
    Perfect cleaning of the surface with our extremely efficient cleaning process. Rinsing and drying which is followed by application of our nanotechnology based protection.
  • What do you get?
    - long-term hydrophobic and oleophobic surface protection

    - visible improvement and hardening of the treated surface

    - impurity adhesion
- UV protection which also prevents color fading

    - antibacterial protection
- maintaining breathability
- very easy maintenance, cleaning with minimal amount of cleaning agents.

Our clients

Here are some of the clients for whom we worked.


NANO PLM+ s.r.o.
Chudenicka 1059/30, 102 00 Praha - Hostivar
Czech Republic


Filip Svoboda - procurator
+420 723 808 218

Jan Stanislav - bussines consultant
+420 775 333 194