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Unbeatable ship protection.

Nano Ship Protection

We extend the time between repairs and reduce maintenance costs.

In ships, sea water (salt) protection is essential. Before it works, we protect the interior and exterior. On the hull below the diving line, we avoid the adhering of marine animals and thus prevent degradation of antifouling. We protect new paint, paint, gelcoat and fiberglass. We can perfectly remove teak from the teak, stains from engine oil, other grease, stains from coffee, ketchup or coke, and we can protect against such dirt and teak UV radiation very well and in the long term. We clean and protect glasses and visors by long-term application that causes fluid retraction and quickly removes them from the surface.

We renovate old and vanished varnishes, paints, gelcout and fiberglass. We work with products of the highest quality.


Here you can find photos from some of our realizations.


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Studies, technical sheets, references

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  • What do you get?
    - long-term protection of all parts of the ship including the recovery of gloss
    - Extending the life of expensive materials
    - saving fuel
    - Make your stay at sea
    - Admirers from yacht colleagues

NANO PLM+ s.r.o.
Chudenicka 1059/30, 102 00 Praha - Hostivar
Czech Republic


Filip Svoboda - procurator
+420 723 808 218

Jan Stanislav - bussines consultant
+420 775 333 194