conservation of monuments

Our technologies are also suitable for listed buildings.

preservation of monuments

Extending the life of buildings.

Our applications gives brand new and revolutionary properties. Besides the fact that they do not change the structure or color of the surface, they can protect them from weathering, UV radiation, effects of salts especially in winter, prevent the flowering of lichens, molds , moss and algae. Applications are highly hydrophobic and oleophobic, thus preventing degradation of materials due to water soaking and subsequent frosting and air erosion. 3D applications some of which can penetrate up to 1.5 cm into the material have a unique feature that they can consolidate the surface. We also apply anti-graffiti protection to remove unwanted color splashes. For financially less demanding applications, this process can be repeated three times in a row without the need to restore nano-protection. Applications are still breathable and vapor-permeable , despite many of its great features. They can be used on home facades to protect concrete, monoliths, concrete prefabricates and segments, stones, stucco and other types of absorbent mineral surfaces. We also deal with the protection of wooden constructions and structures, even surface-treated (stain or glaze). We can also protect metal structures painted and unpainted.

 Application does not change the appearance of the object, does not disturb the material and does not leave a glossy coating after polymerization. Facilitating subsequent maintenance.

As the only company in the Czech Republic, we have a detailed study from the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic - Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, which confirmed the effectiveness and suitability of the use of monumentally protected objects.


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  • What we offer?
    Perfect protection of building surfaces by modern applications based on nanotechnology. We offer quality protection at affordable prices.
  • What do you get?
    - Permanent hydrophobic and oleophobic protection of building surfaces
    - an advantage in the fight against sprays
    - extending the life of the materials
    - prevent degradation of surfaces due to weather conditions
    - prevent the spread of moss, algae and mold
      - make it easier and cheaper for subsequent maintenance
    - Prevent the use of aggressive chemistry