and food industry

We have experience in medical and food processing.

and food industry

We can beat bacteria once and for all!

We offer renewable protection for materials used in the health and food industry. Our applications reduce the risk of spreading highly contagious and dangerous diseases occurring both in healthcare facilities and in food processing operations, especially where livestock is present. Protects against viruses and bacteria. Nano-protection can be applied to internal plasters, ceilings, but also seats, mattresses, glass, sinks, shower enclosures, faucets, stainless steel tubs, whirlpools, lacquered and other surfaces. In the food industry, we can also cope with highly greasy surfaces. We can adapt to the facilitie’s opening hours and not disturb it’s operation. Our application will be done in the facilities downtime or after further discusssion in it’s least busy period. Our professionals explain where it is appropriate to apply a particular product and advise how easy and fast to maintain the treated surfaces.

We have tested the application at the State Health Institute of the Czech Republic, which has shown a 98% loss of bacteria after 24 hours, even for very contagious diseases.


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  • How does it work?
    Before we create the surface protection, everything is thoroughly cleaned and washed. Subsequent application, thanks to its properties, reduces the deposition of impurities, the formation and spread of micro-organisms and bacteria.
  • What will you achieve?
    - improving the working environment
    - reduce the risk of spreading infection or other bacterial diseases
    - Patients and healthcare clients will feel better
    - employees will know you care about their health
    - You will have a hygienically clean environment